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  • Real steel roller chain
  • E-gyro Brushless Stability System
  • Direct Steering via Oil Filled Dampener
  • 4200Kv V550 Class Brushless motor included
  • True-to-Scale chassis, engine, exhaust, and radiator details
  • Beadlox Wheels and Tires with Griplox Style molded inserts front and rear
  • 2.4Ghz 3Ch VR3T digital programmable radio with 3rd channel mixing and high torque steering servo

The Atomik Brian Deegan MM450 Dirtbike features a revolutionary design that houses its brushless motor within the rear wheel, spinning a weighted flywheel at over 12,000 RPM, producing over 9lbs of stability. The results are ease of driving and un-paralleled stability for novice and experienced drivers alike.

Since power is everythingwhen it comes to motocross, Atomik’s MM450 comes standard with a V550 4200Kv brushless power system for easy wheelies and an extra punch to effortlessly clear the triples. All of this power is handled by its 30amp Waterproof Gyro ESC and 80amp Waterproof motor ESC. The Atomik MM450 bike is “Powered by Venom” with an included 2-3 Cell LiPO Balance Charger and 20C 2S 3200mAh 7.4V LiPO battery.

Power’s nothing without control, so Atomik’s design and engineering team took things a step further by developing the only full functioning off- road motorcycle tires in the industry. The front and rear tires and wheels feature Atomik’s proprietary concept Beadlox and Griplox tire and wheel system. Atomik’s authentic looking MXR-1 race tires are captured in a bead-locking wheel, and the tire volume is filled with a form filling molded insert for superior terrain gripping performance.

Unlike any other radio control bike, the Atomik MM450 can be customized and tuned just like a full size bike, with a patent-pending mechanical traction control system, adjustable oil filled shocks, and a wide variety of hop-up parts, including super moto tire sets, anodized aluminum parts, and a fully-functional front disc-brake kit.

Not to be outdone by the pure engineering genius of the Atomik MM450 bike, the body work had to be top-notch too, so the designers at Atomik meticulously modeled it after the real team issued Metal Mulisha rides, right down to the sponsor markings.

Scale: 1/4th Scale
Length: 21.57 in (548mm)
Height: 12.24 in (311mm) w/o rider
Width: 11.32 in (287.5mm) w/ guide wires
Wheelbase: 14.56 in (370mm)
Ground Clearance: 3.27 in (83mm)
Radio: VR3T 2.4ghz
ESC: 80A Waterproof Brushless
Motor or Engine: 4200Kv 550 Class Brushless Motor
Batteries: 20C 2S 3200mAh 7.4V Hardcase LiPO - Uni
Charger: 2-3 Cell LiPO Balance Charger
Age Rating: 14+ With Adult Supervision



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