a) RNLB 'Alice Upjohn' 41" Long x 12 1/2" Beam

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Model number: RNLB 'ALICE UPJOHN'

The Kit has mouled GPR Hull and cabin. Propeller shafts & propellers.
Printed 3 mm plywood for the cabin bulkhead & stiffener. Printed 0.75 mm Styrene sheet for the window frames etc, Accurately CNC cut 1mm
1.5mm &2mm styrene sheets for the cabin interior, deck beams decks etc,
Over 460 cast white metal fittings. All chain for handrails. All brass rod,
wire tube nuts &bolts etc. Dowel for mast, Sampson posts strip and block wood etc. Vac-formed radar housing. Resin cast bow fender & lifebelts.
All grab cord, fender thread, glazing materials etc. Laser cut self-adhesive lettering for name, location & number. Full_size keyed and numbered comprehensive general arrangement drawings. A comprehensively easy to follow illustrated construction manual.


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