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HMS BLUEBELL (Code C £12.50)
HMS Bluebell was a Flower-class corvette that served in the Royal Navy in World War II. Ordered from Fleming & Ferguson of Paisley, Scotland on 27 July 1939, HMS Bluebell was a Flower class Corvette that served in the Royal Navy in World war II. Ordered from Fleming and Fergusson of Paisley, Scotland on 27 July 1939, she was launched on 24 April 1940 and commissioned in July 1940. She served in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Arctic campaigns, escorting several convoys to Russia, and also took part in the invasions of Sicily and France. She was torpedoed and sunk by U-711 under the command of Hans-Günther Lange in the Kola Inlet on 17 February 1945 while escorting the convoy RA-64 from Murmansk. Only one member of her crew survived.
Sheet 1 - Side elevation and plan, Waterlines and sections.
Sheet 2 - Information and details
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