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Also known as Wolfe, was a Lord Clive-class monitor which was built in 1915 for shore-bombardment duties in the First World War. Her class of eight ships was armed by four obsolete Majestic-class pre-dreadnoughts which had their 12-inch guns and mounts removed, modified and installed in the newly built monitors. Wolfe spent her entire war service with the Dover Patrol bombarding the German-occupied Belgian coastline, which had been heavily fortified.
In the spring of 1918 she was fitted with an 18-inch (457mm) gun, with which she made the longest-range firing in the history of the Royal Navy - 36,000-yard (20mi) - on a target at Snaeskerke, Belgium. After the war, she was laid up before being stripped and put up for sale in 1920. She was finally scrapped in 1923
WW I 18" gun monitor
Sheet 1 - Side and stern elevation plan.
Sheet 2 - Lines and hull sections, gun and mount details.
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