ROBBE 8270

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Model number: ROBBE

Robbe Navy Sound Module 8270

Sound Module for ship models with six digitally stored original sounds. This device can simultaniously play the authentic engine sound of your choice, and another signal, such as siren, foghorn, ship's bell, siren or destroyer Typhon. The sound of diesel engine speed is controlled via the drive motor and has a starting and idling phase. Integrated into the sound module is an 8-channel - multi-switch - decoder through which the individual sounds can be separately switched off. In addition, there are two or more multi-switch switch channels freely available to special functions for up to 1A (light, windlass switch, etc.) directly. All inputs and outputs are protected against reverse polarity and have short circuit protection. The operation of the sound module is compatible with both previous 6 channel and the current Robbe 8-Channel Multi-Switch Module with other manufacturers as well. A high quality amplifier provides a distortion-free sound reproduction and is continuously variable in volume.


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