b) Artesania Latina - La Nina 1492

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Model number: Artesania Latina - La Nina 1492

The caravel La Nina was part of Christopher Columbus's fleet that discovered the American continent on October 12th 1492. The primitive Latin sails reproduced here, were converted to square sails during a stopover in the Canary Islands. After the sinking of the Santa Maria, La Nina became the captain's ship, commanded by Columbus himself during the trip back to Europe. La Nina took part in several more trips between Spain and the New World, but after 1508 she disappeared from the record books.

Dimensions: L = 415mm, H = 495mm, B = 111mm
One Latina 1/65 scale Nina Wooden Model Kit with all planking for hull cabins, deck and deck fittings, brass and metal deck and hull fittings, pre-sewn cloth sails, rigging, instruction manual and plan sheets
REQUIRES: Varnish, paint, wood putty, carpenters glue, contact glue, CA glue, debonder and ship model building tools SPECS: Length: 415mm 16.3" Height: 495mm 19.5" Beam: 111mm 4.4"
All in all it does build into a beautiful model if you take the time and have patience. Still very good quality for the money.


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