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RNLB Lifeboat 'Alice Upjohn'

RNLB Lifeboat 'Alice Upjohn'

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Model Scale is 1" to the foot (1/12th scale) having a length of 41 1/2" Long and a 12 1/2" Beam, her displacement is approx 16lbs.

This model is a scale model of the last type of slipway launched displacement type motor lifeboats with twin tunnel propellers. This kit makes up into a superb model, suitable for static display as well as a regatta winning model. This is our companies third full model boat kit, we have spent many careful hours in developing this attractive model into a superb scale subject we are very happy with.

The 37ft Rother Class of slipway launched lifeboat was a further development of the earlier 37ft Oakley Class boat, the Oakleys were introduced into service in the late 1950's to replace the open Liverpool Class boats (a total of 27 boats were built in the Class). The Rother Class derivative, first entering service in the early 1970's were a displacement type self-righting Lifeboat that had a top speed of 10.5 knots and generally cruised at 9 knots.

Our model is based on archive drawings and contemporary photographs of the Dungeness Lifeboat "RNLB Alice Upjohn" she entered service in 1976 and after 16 years she left to go into the relief fleet in 1992, here she served until sold out of service in 1995.


  1. The Kit has a fully moulded GPR Hull and cabin.
  2. Brass propeller shafts & propellers.
  3. Printed 3 mm plywood for the cabin bulkhead & stiffener.
  4. Printed 0.75 mm Styrene sheet for the superstructure window frames.
  5. Accurately CNC cut 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm styrene sheets for the cabin interior, deck beams and decks.
  6. Over 460 cast white metal fittings.
  7. All chain for handrails.
  8. All brass rod, wire tube nuts, bolts and fixings required.
  9. Dowel for mast, Sampson posts strip and block wood.
  10. Vac-formed radar housing.
  11. Resin cast bow fender & lifebelts.
  12. All grab cord, fender thread and glazing materials.
  13. Laser cut self-adhesive lettering for name, location & number.
  14. Full size keyed and numbered comprehensive general arrangement drawings.
  15. A comprehensively easy to follow illustrated construction manual.
  16. All boat costs are plus P&P. We will e mail you when we have your address.
  17. All boats are sent out at cost and insured and tracked.

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