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LGB FRR Red Diesel Shunter Locomotive G Scale - L20910

LGB FRR Red Diesel Shunter Locomotive G Scale - L20910

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Light-duty, narrow-gauge railways transport goods in factories, mines, quarries, as well as on farms and construction sites around the world. These “field” railroads rapidly gained worldwide popularity after 1880, whether to haul agricultural products on the large estates of the Baltic Island of Rügen, sugar cane on plantations in the U. S. or slate in British quarries. In recent decades, motorized trucks have made inroads, but a few light railways continue to operate. Mining operations use small locomotives. And finally, you can enjoy light railroads in numerous museums and parks..

The Model: This detailed replica features:

Operates on R1 small radius or larger radius track and switches with analog or MTS/DCC track power with optional decoder and free install.

  • MMade in 1994 in Germany
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Working connecting rods
  • Unique Field Loco couplers can be replaced with LGB Hook and Loop couplers
  • Cab interior with engineer and controls
  • 2 sheets of lettering stickers
  • Protected gearbox with five-pole Bühler motor
  • Four powered wheels
  • Six power pickups (4 wheel, 2 shoe)
  • Length: 190 mm (7.5 in)
  • Weight: 1370 g (3.0 lb)
  • LGB box with carrier for secure transport and storage
  • LGB Instruction Manual
  • Free Decoder install available at our store along with the optional decoder designed for LGB field locos.

Find more LGB explanation videos on our YouTube Channel.


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