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LGB RhB 4/4 Arosa 622 Electric Locomotive - 2043

LGB RhB 4/4 Arosa 622 Electric Locomotive - 2043

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The Uintah Basin lies in the high mountains of northeast Utah. It´s an inhospitable place, but it had one distinction: The Uintah Basin was once the world´s only source for gilsonite ore. The Uintah Railway was established in 1903 to carry that ore, and to conquer the difficult terrain, the railroad had to climb unusually steep grades, some greater than 7%. In the 1920´s, the Baldwin Locomotive Works built two 2-6-6-2 "Mallets" especially for the railway. This big LGB model is an authentic replica of the original No. 51. The model features two power units that enable the massive model to negotiate even the tightest radius of LGB track. LGB digital electronics reproduce the actual sounds of a real steam loco, including exhaust chuffs, coal shoveling, brake squeals and more. There´s even a flickering flame in the fire box.

Model Features:

RhB electric locomotive with motorized pantographs with the "RhB Viafier retica" markings and loco number "622". Features include motorized pantographs with direction of travel when in overhead mode, 3 way mode switch for choosing overhead or rail power, or parking (no power), and an opening door at each end with a sliding window. Instructions included..

Made in Germany by LGB, they recommend a 24Volt DC (1 Amp minimum) power supply such as our SL-140 6.5 amp, SL-200 8 amp or SL-PS320 13 amp power supply and a pure DC throttle such as our SL-TLC12F analog throttle or one of our Massoth MTS/DCC multi-train control systems for operation.

Loco Highlights:

  • Motorized Loco Powered by two 7 pole Bühler motors
  • 10 exterior directional lights, 6 head lights and 4 red tail lights
  • Powered directional catinary arms raise and lower with the direction of travel
  • Three way power switch in the loco cab for easy control of lights, motor or parking
  • Two way power selector switch for choosing track or catinary power
  • Engineer in the cab
  • Optional MTS DCC decoder conversion with and without digital sound available at the Shourt Line for multi-train operation
  • Optional Digital Massoth S sound board for analog or MTS/DCC operation also available at our store and installation services available.
  • Original LGB Box and packing included
Find more LGB explanation videos on our YouTube Channel.


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