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Tamiya LP46 - 10ml Pure Metallic Red

Tamiya LP46 - 10ml Pure Metallic Red

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Tamiya Color bottled Lacquer Paints are highly versatile - whether using them to airbrush large areas, or pick out fine details with a brush, their stunning, consistent tones add superlative realism to your model. Their tough membrane suits them ideally to use as a basecoat, resistant to enamel paints, while swift drying times ensure an efficient painting process. A dedicated thinner is available.

*Colors may vary slightly from Tamiya Color Acrylics and Sprays with the same name.

The Tamiya Colour range of quality paints is designed specifically for modelling use has long helped modellers achieve the perfect finish on their scale masterpieces.

Now, existing Tamiya Colour bottled acrylic paints, plus the lacquer spray paints are joined by the new Lacquer Paint line of bottled Tamiya Colours.

Use them as your needs require: airbrush large areas, or pick out fine details.

With a tough membrane and swift overall drying times - but slow initial drying to allow a beautiful un-blemished finish.

We are sure they will become an essential item in your modelling armoury.

• No need for primer: gloss and matt colours can be applied directly to model kit plastic
• Quick drying time
• Fabulous when airbrushed, and can also be applied by paint brush to detail areas
• Can be used in a similar way to Tamiya’s X and XF line of acrylics
• Weathering colour washes and dry brushing can be applied over the dried Lacquer Paint
• Once dry, can be safely over-painted with acrylics, enamels and other model paints
• Lacquer Thinner Retarder Type (87194) slows initial ‘flash off’ time, allowing paint
droplets to merge on the surface of the model for a smoother finish
• Robust final finish that adheres strongly to the model’s polystyrene surface
• Constantly expanding range of colours for military & civilian subjects
• Ultra-high Tamiya quality

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