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Artesania Latina Sopwith Camel WW1 Biplane Fighter 1:16 Wood Model Kit

Artesania Latina Sopwith Camel WW1 Biplane Fighter 1:16 Wood Model Kit

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Discover the English warplane or British biplane fighter of the Royal Flying Corps used by the Triple Entente during the development of the World War I, among other war conflicts.

The Sopwith Camel was a prohibitive fighter for novice pilots, however, it was one of the most popular fighters of the so-called War of the Kaiser and the favorite one of many allies. The first order to the factory of this fighter required the use of the 130 hp Le Rhône engine, but later the contract awarded to Sopwith requested that the Clerget 9B be installed as a motor. 

The machine gun engines were very powerful. Between July 4th 1917 and November 11th, 1918, the Sopwith Camel shot down a total of 1,294 enemy aircrafts, although later studies by British writer Chaz Bowyer reveal that the total incursions of the fighter Sopwith Camel caused around 2,800 victories, a figure much higher than that achieved by another plane during the entire war. Only the German triplane Fokker Dr. I (20350) of the Red Baron overtook the Sopwith Camel in maneuverability.


Build your 1:16 scale model of the British biplane and fighter that participated with the Entente Powers during World War I: Sopwith Camel. The manufacture of the model makes its design very reliable to the real old plane. It is a wooden and metal model very compact and it has numerous details. Faithful replica of the original even with the same materials: wood for the structure and for the wings. Suitable for exhibition at any dependency even having a large scale for its compact measures.

The model is easy to build and has more than 700 parts. Once it is built, this aircraft model measures 20.86'' (530mm) wingspan, 14.17'' (360mm) length and 6.69'' (170mm) height. It has unique high quality details, and it includes a fantastic bonus that will make you fall in love with this magnificent artwork: beautiful methacrylate exhibition base with the name of the plane, brass and steel photo-etched, injected metal parts, cockpit details and metal structure and wings made of wood and decals for die-cast details.

Paint the Sopwith Camel airplane model with our Pack of Water-Based Paints for World War I Aircraft Models (277PACK1), which is sold separately. You can also order the Sopwith Camel Gift Pack (20351L), which includes the model, its paints and some tools.

In addition, the Sopwith Camel scale model has the best and most detailed multimedia instructions on the market with 8 languages ​​on DVD for computers -PC & MAC-: videotutorials and more than 1.000 photos that teach you precisely all the steps to build this fantastic model, a museum quality model. 1:1 scale plan poster too. Printed instructions are not included. You can also download the digital instructions for free on the button of this product sheet called 'Instructions and Downloadable Contents'.

Watch at our Youtube channel some videotutorials that will help you during the assembly of this model:

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