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Large Condenser / Oil Separator. WC1

Large Condenser / Oil Separator. WC1

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The prime function of the condenser/oil trap is to prevent the engine exhaust, Which contains oil from the engine lubricator being sprayed over your model or polluting the pond water. This helps to make your boat environmentally friendly. The condenser tank should be secured with screws through the baseplate or possibly with a spring clip to the bulkhead. The condenser/oil trap is situated between the engine and the funnel. The funnel will need to be fitted with an exhaust connection. Silicone tubing is supplied with the kit to couple up between the top centre condenser tank pipe and the chimney exhaust connection and the horizontal side tank connection and the engine exhaust. The drain pipe is the top off set condenser tank pipe and this will be fitted with a length of silicone tube to suit your model and will be plugged at the end. In use the plug will be removed from the end of the silicone drain tube, the silicone tube between the condenser tank and the chimney connection will be squeezed closed. The steam can now be turned on, the engine started and the contents on the condenser will be expelled into an external container. 

Silicon tube size 7mm OD X 5mm ID

Condenser tank sizes 2" dia x 3" high  base size is 2 5/8" sq

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