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LGB Handheld Locomotive Controller for G Scale - 55016

LGB Handheld Locomotive Controller for G Scale - 55016

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This handheld remote control is designed for convenient locomotive operation. On Multi-Train System layouts this comfortable remote: Controls up to 23 locos (speed, direction, emergency stop, and MTS locomotive functions) / Programs MTS locomotive decoders (addresses 0-15). Plus, the handheld locomotive controller features: Digital locomotive address display / Adjustable control range / +/- 135° with center “Off” position for normal operation / 270° with “Off” at the left stop for precise switching / 10-digit keypad for locomotive address input and direct control of MTS locomotive functions / Long connecting cable (approx. 6 meters / 20 feet) / can also be expanded to wireless operation (with an LGB 55050/55055 combination).
The handheld locomotive controller can also be used on analog layouts in conjunction with the LGB 51070/55050/55055 combination. In this application, the handheld locomotive controller can control locomotive speed and direction only, overall size : 185 x 94 x 55 mm.

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