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The Jumping Tuna 31" Long x 10" Beam

The Jumping Tuna 31" Long x 10" Beam

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Model Scale is 3/4" to the foot or equivalent to 1/16th Scale, giving a length of 31"(785mm) and a beam of 10"(253mm).

This is the newest model from our range of full kits, it is quite an unusual subject, having a 39' open cockpit these launches were used during the short season of January to March to line fish for large 'Bluefin' Tuna. This form of fishing is considered to be the best sustainability option on the East Coast of the USA.

These small sturdy open cockpit vessels are designed to operate in a variety of applications, with them sometimes being known as lobster boats, sometimes as fishing boats, many are made from wood, however all of the later models are of GRP construction. Power is usually provided by a single screw propeller with a diesel engine of around 450bhp or more. 


Nicely moulded white GRP one piece Hull.
Five precision cut CNC styrene sheets containing all parts for decks, saloon, wheelhouse etc.
One precision cut CNC styrene sheet for all window frames.
One precision cut CNC clear glazing sheet for the windows.
Many precision cast white metal fittings.
Brass rod for bow railings and aerials.
Wooden dowel & aluminium tubing for fishing rods and aerials.
Concise easy to follow fully illustrated construction manual. 
Full-size scale drawing, with detailed construction notes.
Our model of the "Jumping Tuna" has a single screw and features a modified type of balanced "fish-tailed" rudder. We feel this to be a model eminently suited to the beginner to model boating, indeed one of the reasons for offering this kits was the ease of construction along with it's straightforward design and handling characteristics once completed.
However this is a scale kit, and is equally suited to the experienced builder who may wish to add further detailing of his own choice.
Powered by a single 545 type motor and a two channel R/C system, she is both manoeuvrable, stable and colourful on the water, a model that is ideal for just sailing around the lake or for Regatta work. 
All boat costs are plus P&P.
We will e mail you when we have your address. All boats are sent out at cost and are insured and tracked. 
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