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Wilesco D6 Steam Engine

Wilesco D6 Steam Engine

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The melodious power machine D6

The Wilesco steam engine D6 has a high-gloss polished and nickel-plated brass boiler as well as an oscillating cylinder. The water level indicator is designed as a viewing glass, so the water level can be monitored at all times during operation. The boiler capacity is 135 cm³ with a boiler size of 100 x 45 mm. The flywheel of this machine ensures a smooth run with its diameter of 70 mm. The screwed-on dome steam whistle can be operated at any time during operation via a special lever. Its lovely sound is reminiscent of Emma, the locomotive from "Jim Knopf and Lukas the Engine Driver". When mounting the lever for the steam whistle of your D6, please make sure that the lever made of black, heat-resistant plastic points outward, so you can operate the lever during operation without touching the boiler.

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