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LGB Building Block StarterTrain Set - 90463

LGB Building Block StarterTrain Set - 90463

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Garden fun for big and small locomotive engineers! The garden season can begin the right way with this building block train starter set at a beginner's price and play fun is guaranteed for the whole family. You can build the cars with the peg and socket building blocks the way you want.

This starter set includes a steam locomotive, two flat cars with a building block plate and 30 peg and socket building blocks, which are compatible with other makes of building blocks. The set also includes a complete circle of track consisting of 12 curved sections of track, a locomotive controller, a power supply for 230 volts, and feeder wires.
Train length 77 cm / 30-5/16".

You can play indoors and outdoors with this garden train and it is easy to set up and take down. Rugged and reliable, this building block train starter set is marvelously suitable for playing and it will give a lot of enjoyment to families.

The 94063 building block car can be added to this train. Exciting track expansion under item numbers 19901 and 19902. The Blox building blocks from the video are available from Simba Toys.

Find more LGB explanation videos on our YouTube Channel.

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