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PIKO Industrial Locomotive Starter Set 37151

PIKO Industrial Locomotive Starter Set 37151

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G starter set with a GE 25-Ton industrial locomotive in the design of a factory railroad with two bulk freight cars. PIKO has lovingly implemented the small GE 25-Ton in detail. The new design convinces with finest painting and printing, a prototypical filigree and yet robust overall appearance and can be used in the garden railroad area in many ways. The PIKO model has precisely manufactured wheel sets and a very safe current pickup from the track. Given the "cuddly" appearance, the tiny shunting planes will find many friends among toy railroaders and collectors.

PIKO G articles are suitable for indoors and outdoors and rightly bear the predicate "weather resistant".

Base area: 130 x 130 cm
Minimum superstructure area: 150 x 150 cm

1 x diesel locomotive GE-25Ton
2 x bulk freight cars
12 x 35211 R1 (bend R1 600 mm)
1 x 35270 connection clip
1 x 35285 connection clips (14 pcs.)
1 x manual speed controller
1 x transformer (230V) 22V / 32 VA DC/AC

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