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Mamod Steam Loco Jubilee brass labels. MJL

Mamod Steam Loco Jubilee brass labels. MJL

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Mamod brass serial number Jubilee labels. Size 40mm long x 10mm wide. With two holes.

Numbers are 0005/0006/0007/0008/0009/0010/0011/0012/0013/0014/0015/0016/0017/0018/0019/0020/0021/0022/0023/0024/0025/0026/0027/0028/0029/0030/0031/0032/0033/0034/0035/0036/0037/0038/0039/0040/0041/0042/0043/0044/0045/0046/0047/0048/0049/0050/0275.

Please say which serial number you wont.

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