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PIKO G Scale Christmas Freight Starter Set - 37105

PIKO G Scale Christmas Freight Starter Set - 37105

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This starter set contains a construction site train consisting of a tank locomotive, a low side car, and a dump car. The locomotive has a powerful motor and a lighted headlight. The stickers included with this set can be used to decorate the locomotive and both cars. The set also has a complete circle of track, a power supply for 230 volts, and a locomotive controller. Train length 68 cm / 26-3/4".

Highlights of this set :

  • Locomotive includes a headlight
  • Dump car can be loaded and unloaded
  • A sheet of stickers included to allow you to design two different types of lettering

An add-on set with another dump car, a power shovel, and construction site accessories is available under item number 49501.

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