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PIKO G Scale Warbird Hopper wagon "B-17" - 38939

PIKO G Scale Warbird Hopper wagon "B-17" - 38939

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This is a model of a Warbirds Series 4-axle hopper car , imprinted with the B-17 Flying Fortress livery.

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was well known as a workhorse and was used by most Allied forces of the era at mid-altitudes and for ground work. PIKO presents this  10th car in the highly detailed Vintage Warbird series.


  • A PIKO one-of-a-kind design, produced only once.
  • Offset side design, open top, two-bay hopper (perfect for coal or other bulk goods)
  • Numerous molded-on details including handrails and stirrup steps
  • Heavy duty, durable plastic wheels for long term use in all environments
  • Hook and loop type couplers
  • Crisp and clean lettering and logo designs
  • Created with incredibly tough weather-resistant materials
  • Minimum recommended radius: 600mm / 23.6”
  • Length: 320mm / 12.6”
  • Made in Germany

This car in the Vintage Warbird series shows the legendary Boeing B-17 Flying FortressProduced only once.

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