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Tamiya 1/24th Scale - Campus Friends Figures

Tamiya 1/24th Scale - Campus Friends Figures

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This model figure set contains 5 new modern age and contemporary figures compared to the 1983 release of the first Campus Friends Set. The collection of five figures and a scooter is useful to model dioramas given the adaptability of the figures to a range of accompanying models. The figures in this set are newly-scanned figures and are paired with a range of accessories more appropriate to the 2020s, with plenty of options to choose from.

1/24 scale plastic figure assembly kit.

Parts are included to create five figures (four females, one male); they were designed using cutting edge 3D scanning techniques to recreate subtle details such as creases and wrinkles in clothing.

Natural poses include a figure taking a selfie, and more.

The male figure and one female feature a choice of head parts; two more female figures have a choice of right arm components.

Modern accessories include guitar case, coffee cup, smart phone, and various bags.

Makes for a great companion piece for models in the extensive Tamiya 1/24 Sports Car Series.

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